Beer and Photos

I do like a good pint, and the recent explosion in new breweries and craft beer is a great thing in my mind. We are really lucky in Yorkshire that there are some cracking micro-breweries opening making some great beer.

A favourite of mine is Quirky Ales in Garforth. They make some great beer and Mike Quirk the owner and retired policemen is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable brewer. I’d recommend trying their beers, their tap house next to the brewery is a little gem and there is always something going on. They also run a brew school that I was lucky enough to attend recently, our beer has just finished brewing and it is good!

However, beer and driving do not mix well… and with so many breweries to try this is a real challenge! However there is a solution: Brewtown Tours run by Mark Stredwick will ferry you around a selection of cracking breweries and you can make the best of trying the brews and get home safe.

I was pleased when Mark from Brewtown asked recently if he could use some of my photos in an article he has written on Quirky Ales, see:

I’d recommend that you give Brewtown and Quirky a look in if you are able.